Thursday, March 14, 2013

Be Encouraged

                                                      Be Encouraged

  August 21, 2011-My heart is burdened this morning as I consider those of you who have been taken in the snare of the devil. I must entreat you as a sister, for loves sake. My experience in life thus far has taught me that life is a precious gift, not to be wasted. As some of you may realize the Holy Word of God likens our life to a vapor. God has been so kind to give us an example in the form of our very own flesh. Yeshua ha mashiyach (Jesus Christ, the anointed). Since He was in the flesh I believe He (as He himself declared ) has shown us the way. The way to use our time, the way to have compassion, the way to show mercy, the way to speak, & the way to think….Have you ever considered how short an existence He had in the flesh? By the time I was his age I felt ashamed at the thought of dying. How could I die now when my life has not yet fulfilled a morsel of what Christ did in His time. Some may think one shouldn’t be so hard on themselves; how could we compare ourselves to God? Well, didn’t He compare Himself to us, & put us to shame? Are we not made in His likeness? Did He not say we are gods? Then why should we limit ourselves to the power He has given us? We can be sons & daughters of the Most High! What a high calling.  I am inspired by this knowledge, to show forth the power of  Mashiyach within me.
 I long for you to be inspired as well; to be aware of the power we have in Christ to be a separated & Holy people. A people that know that every moment they’ve been given is a precious gift & an opportunity to glorify their Maker & Redeemer. There are many hurtful, foolish, deceitful lusts in this life that can hinder us. If we keep our hearts with all diligence, & press into a state of continual watching & praying as our Lord has commanded us, then we should be able to escape these snares.
  If we have found ourselves taken in one of these snares, I believe that we have also found ourselves dissatisfied. Once again I speak from my personal experience. If it is not of the Lord it does not satisfy. I have found myself most satisfied when the Lord has kept me so busy serving others that I don’t have time for anything else. I barely have time to eat my own bread, & I certainly don’t have time to fall into an idle trap. What is an idle trap to you?  An idle trap to me consists of things that do not glorify God or profit you in your service to Him. Such as getting into gossip/idle conversation/foolish jesting/playing chess & other time wasting games (playing games on the computer). The computer is like satan’s field of land minds. It’s boobie trapped with all kinds of pits & snares.  It’s a world wide web. Something people get stuck in, & struggle as they may, some are not able to set themselves free before the “spider” comes to suck the life out of his prey. What am I doing  on the www then, you may ask? I am here in the fear of the Lord, on a mission, one that I must labor to not be distracted from. To be here I must take on the whole armor of God. And with this in mind, staying focused & intentional, I am able to fulfill my duty without getting stuck. Although I must confess there have been days that I have not been as focused, fearing the Lord, & prayerful as I should have been. Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been on fb as much. It has been for my good, so that I can refocus & stay true to my mission. Lest I labor in vain, & become a hypocrite.
  Let me not lose your attention with many words. Be encouraged. The Lord has a specific work for each one of us believers to fulfill. In this work there is great peace, & joy, satisfaction. Please take time this very day & ask the Lord how He wants you to glorify Him with the gift of Life He’s given you. Sometimes it helps to remind our selfish nature that our life is not our own—it’s His. It’s not about having the wisdom of this world, or physical strength, or some special talent. Through faith in Him we can move mountains  no matter who we are. If you have some kind of physical weakness or handicap that hinders you from physically running around serving others do not despair. Is not the battle in our minds? As long as you have a mind you have power to glorify Him! Search the Scriptures & fill your mind with the goodness thereof. Find His promises there, & lay them to your heart. What a powerful & edifying thing it is to see a poor afflicted soul have the good cheer & joy of the Lord ruling in their heart. My dear friends, if we work out our own salvation with fear & trembling, if we get the beam out of our own eye, what a light we can be to the world around us!  This is a time consuming labor. After you’ve taken the needful time out of your day to do this I believe He will direct your heart towards the needful things in life & spare you from the idle things.
  Consider the reality of how short our lives are in this world, even if you live to be 100. It goes by so quickly. You still haven’t found time to fulfill the desires you had 3, 5, 10, years ago? Can you think of projects like this, that you’ve had in the back of your mind for years. There’s so many things that we can do to try to glorify Him. But I don’t believe we can do it in ourselves. I believe that we, as individuals need to seek His face, & ask Him for a vision. Ask Him to help you fulfill the special duty He has for you each day. Free yourselves from making your own plans each day. Father, you have brought me into another morning, what is it that you will do with me this day? Not my will, but Thine be done. This is the focus He has taught me to have in my life. The cares of this life continually try to come in & hinder this focus.  If we are diligent in the garden of our heart we will keep out the weeds.
 Considering how none of us know exactly when our last breath will be drawn, I hope when you do you will feel satisfied with how you spent your time in this world; that you may be received by the Lord in peace.  May these musings of mine  leave you inspired & encouraged to seek this special work the Lord has, for  YOU!

                                         Love, Pilgrim friend

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