Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ladies & Girls

  "But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price." 1Peter 3:4

How many a time have I seen a lady, a girl
Swept up in a whirl,
Of loving attractive & cute,
Hearts & minds entangled in an outward suit;
Just the right fit from head to toe,
The bow must be just so.
All the while calling Jesus Lord,
When they wish they could afford:
The brand, the style, the jewels that fit the attire.
Dear ladies & girls,
Deceive not yourselves with lace & swirls.
Godly women taught by grace
Do not sit long to perfect & stare at their face;
Their concern is not for themselves,
But that the clothes on their shelves,
Draw not the eye of a man that is married; a man that is single,
With these they ought to fear the Lord before they mingle.
Ladies & girls you do shame
God’s pure name,
When you make vain your time on earth,
Caring about your looks & the size of your girth.
Let grace teach you:
To be discreet, to hide your outward beauty, to be sincere & honest, to let your words be few.
A word thought out is likely to be well spoken;
A girl that rambles on about cute & attractive clothing is but a token,
Of one falling short of the prize, mind filled with lies;
Believing that classy style & fashion,
Are worth our passion.
Take all that burning fire,
that you have to be desired
of men & people you esteem;
use it rather to sew seams,
that conceal the curves & cover the arms & legs.
Stop the plagues,
That corrupt the heart to call God Lord
When you’re not willing to take His sword
& cut yourself free
From an over sexualized, vain society.
The body is not for fornication(1.Corinthians 6:13)
but for the Lord.
Who does not bear in vain the sword.
He will not take part,
With ladies & girls who dress as they please deceiving their own heart.
Go on & look at the magazines full of glamour,
Claiming to be Christian style,
A God fearing woman knows not to travel even a mile
Down a road that claims to be Christian, while clearly denying the power of godliness.
Ladies & girls your adoration of self is fruitless.
Take up your cross,
& count your cute skirts & shirts but dross.
You’re a slave to sin so long as you put such care,
In how people stare.
It is better for them to see,
A lady, a girl, from vanity free;
Than a lady, a girl outwardly desirable & “cute as a button”.
To all who are slaves let my rhyme, 
Speak to your heart this time.
What better hour to embrace Christ’s liberty?
Cast down your fears of what others say & just be,
The woman who’s shape & beauty is a mystery,
Her glory concealed, devoted to her God eternally.  

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