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Here is a testimony of another woman's convictions on covering. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Head Covering

 I would like to address the subject that "wearing a head covering is not a salvation issue"

I write this on the basic understanding I have of the Bible. I desire to follow Jesus, and I learn what He is and what He wants of me in the Bible. "What if Jesus meant what He said?" Plain and simple as a child would understand it, for that is how we enter His Kingdom.

There is a basic truth that affects us all. "Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous even as He is righteous. He that commiteth sin is of the devil. Either you do righteousness and belong to Jesus, or you sin and are a servant of the devil. There is no neutral ground.

I do not have 'everything figured out'. I do not care for long explanations. (Remember the children?) So when 1 Corinthians 11 says "Let her be covered" that is what I want to do. And when Paul says a couple of chapters later, "If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord." then I take that as basic truth also.

So I would like to say here that I think the head covering IS a salvation issue. Simply because there is no salvation without obedience. I am not saved simply by believing in Jesus, and neither is it correct to base my salvation on saying "the sinner's prayer." God ways are far above our ways and he cannot be contained in a 3 step recipe. But his directions are simple to the honest heart who surrenders to him. I attempt in various posts on my blog to present the Truth about following Jesus.

WHY do I say it is a salvation issue? Because whenever you see new light, whenever you come to understand a new truth about Jesus' teachings, then is when you need to begin to obey it. "If we walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin. When does Jesus blood cleanse? when we walk in the Light.

#1 Can I be a Christian without wearing a head covering?
#2 What if I wear a head covering but I am rebellious?
#3 What if my husband or father says I shouldn't wear one?

#1 True Christians obey Christ and surrender to Him in everything. They will come to this issue sooner or later. Whether they obey it when they understand, directly affects their continued walk with Christ.

#2 A head covering won't save you at all when the heart is rebellious. A head covering is one of many commandments. Surrender to Christ, don't cast off your covering.

#3 Since the head covering is a sign of submission to one's husband or father, one must needs be submissive first and covered second. It is against the very sign it stands for, if you insist on covering ahead of obedience to your husband.

 Let each one surrender to Christ and He will teach you

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear Daughters

I really appreciate this article from the Remnant. Very well put. Please take time to read-especially for the young women.
From The Heartbeat of the Remnant

The Sisters' Corner That they may teach the young women . . .

Ponderings for Daughters

Dear daughters,
You are living in a unique generation (although every generation has had its hardships and temptations for the daughter of the King) where you are constantly being bombarded by all that the world has to offer you. Women are encouraged to get through school and then go on to higher education in the hopes of embarking on some exciting career that will bring them fame and fortune, and—most of all—“liberate” them from the dark “confines” of keeping the home. Oh, I beg of you (as one who was once a daughter and failed miserably in living God’s design for that part of my life) to consider God’s design for you in this blessed time of your life.
If you are living with parents who fear the Lord, then this letter is very much for you. Why? Well, first of all, while your parents are not perfect, you should thank the Lord daily that they have chosen to fear Him and to honor Him as they grow in their walk with Him. Many girls do not have this privilege. I encourage you to lay down your will and your wants and to love the Lord your God with your all. Lamentations 3:27 tells us that it is good for you to bear the yoke of discipline while in your youth. I encourage you to daily embrace that discipline from the authority of your parents. They watch for your soul, and they must give an account for you. Please submit yourself and joyfully love being in your place as a daughter.
Learn all that you can about being a woman of God. Read His heart for you in the Word of Truth. Observe His heart in women who obey the Word with godly fear. Ask questions of your mother and any other mature godly sisters in your life. Have a teachable spirit, which requires humility, a complete surrender of your own will in order to hear the words of instruction from those God sends into your life to teach you. Be thankful for this, dear daughters. It is a gift from God!
Learn what you can about God’s design for you in daughterhood. It is often thought that the Lord is silent about things concerning daughters specifically, but I am here to tell you that His Word has much just for you. Besides all the things that pertain to you growing in character, in wisdom, and in Christlikeness, here are a few things to stir your heart:
  • Philip the evangelist had four daughters, and they all prophesied (shared the Word of God and what to do about it—of course staying within God’s boundaries of not teaching men). I am sure that in order to prophesy, they had to first be living the Word. My heart warms at the thought of Daddy Philip, out evangelizing, being confident of his daughters at home ministering to the family, the neighbors, and those whom he would bring home for supper that night, telling of the LORD both in their deeds and in their words.
  • Nehemiah records details of those who worked together to repair the broken walls and the burned gates of Jerusalem. Read Nehemiah 3:12 sometime. My heart leaped with joy when I read those words one Sunday as the Word about Nehemiah was being preached. Girls, you have a mighty task to fill in your father’s house, helping to build up the testimony of your family as being one who fears God, all for His glory. Pray for your parents. Tell them what things the Lord has been teaching you as you read His Word. Sing praises to Him as you work. Help your siblings to honor the Lord by honoring your parents. Bless the people who come through your home by serving alongside your mother in humility and genuine care of your guests. Write encouraging letters to sisters in the Lord. Serve the sisters and busy moms in your congregation, who would perhaps find a box of prepared meals left in their vehicle after services a welcome relief from the hard work of mothering little ones.
  • Rachel and Rebekah both tended their fathers’ flocks; Rebekah gives a good example of hospitality and service, even to a stranger, and was used of God to be the godly wife of Isaac. She was called to go afar for that task, when a suitable wife could not be found for him in all the neighboring communities.
  • The Rechabites (daughters are specifically mentioned, too) followed their father’s direction to not drink wine, and to dwell only as strangers in the land all their days. They are recorded in Scripture as those who honored their father, even though it would have seemed strange not to plant and harvest, to not live in houses, and to not drink wine. The Bible clearly mentions (Je. 35:19) that a blessing from God was upon them for this.
Cornerstones (which Psalm 144 compares to daughters) help to hold up the roof of a building.
Psalm 144:11-15 speaks of the people of God turning away from strange practices and people, protecting their sons and daughters, and having plentiful blessings with which to do God’s work. It speaks of daughters being cornerstones, polished in the likeness of a palace. This is God’s design for you, and what a beautiful design it is, daughters, if you but follow it! Cornerstones help to hold up the roof of a building. Think on that, will you? You are a cornerstone in your father’s house. How are you helping to keep it fitly joined together?
It might be hard for you to understand today why you should lay down your desire to go out and make money and have a career, starting on your “life’s work” (what the world would have us think is your life’s work). But I submit to you that you can and should obey and keep pursuing God on this point, because it is His heart for you to understand and take your place in His design for families.
The truth is, God designed you to be a keeper at home and to find joy in making that your life’s calling, in whatever way He chooses to bring it about. Learn of your mother and others how to cook delicious, nutritious meals. Learn to enjoy tidying up the home and to keep it clean. Go out of your way to do more than you are asked to do. Learn to see things that need to be done, and then willingly apply yourself to do them. Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. Make this your life’s motto, and you will find great joy in fulfilling God’s design for you.
As a daughter who failed miserably in living God’s design for me during that time of my life, I would like to share these things that I learned after I had missed my opportunities to walk in this way. I can only wish I had known and lived this way, thankful for the mercy of God to forgive me of my unrighteousness and to allow me to come back to share with His children the lessons I learned by failure. He is a gracious Father and loves to show the seeking heart the beauty of His plan.
God’s design for daughters to be keepers at home is a beautiful way of providing protection and an environment in which to become skilled at this life’s calling. If daughters embrace it and joyfully walk in His Way, the result is best described in Psalm 144:15.
Happy is that people, that is in such a case:
yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.
If you are a daughter, provided with a family to care for and to walk with in the fear of God, then I encourage you to embrace this with joy and put your heart into letting Jesus perfect you daily in being a keeper at home. Seek your father’s heart in this. Perhaps he will give you some specific ways that you can help in your family and with his particular work. Maybe he will have you go to the local grocer for helping to supplement the family income. Maybe he will ask you to go help another mother in your congregation from time to time. Maybe you come from a large family and your parents’ desire your help in keeping the home. Maybe you live on a farm and you are needed to help with chores. Maybe there are busy mothers who would appreciate your offer to sew dresses for their daughters in any extra time you might have. I encourage you to be scheduled and to not languish in ease and hours of free time, but to fill up extra time (not encroaching on Bible study and prayer, and family life, of course) with service in whatever capacity your parents can approve.
Whatever the case may be, please do not let the lies of feminism tell you that you are a slave to your parents if you do these things, that it is drudgery, and that you are in bondage because you are not “out there” getting more education and a career. Don’t believe the lie that it is more enjoyable or needful to go “out there” and get a job that will financially aid some man other than your father. Don’t believe the lie that it is more noble to get involved in daycares and hospitals helping some other children, meanwhile neglecting the siblings and/or nieces and nephews God gave you (or the children in your congregation), whether it is helping with their schooling or their daily needs. While fields of service outside the home may be someone’s life’s work (some may not have any “home needs” to fill and are thus needed in other areas), please know that God gave you a family, an environment where you may learn to serve and die daily to your own selfish wants and wishes.
The world has nothing of lasting value to offer you. You are being protected from heartache and loss by not walking the path of feminism. There are women today who can tell you that going to school and becoming a nurse destroyed their desire to walk with the Lord, as they chose a career that daily put them in the company of unbelievers, and the unwholesome work environment that mixes male and female in close proximity, wearing down their spiritual vitality and crossbearing. There are women who will tell you that leaving homes in their young teen years to daily work a 9-5 job destroyed their sense of responsibility in family life. There are girls who will tell you that they wish they had been wholly involved in keeping the home before they married and became entirely responsible to keep that home, unprepared for the high calling that it is.
Like the wise man who wrote Proverbs, I entreat you as a mother. “My daughter, hear my instruction; forsake not the counsel of your mother/sister in Christ.” You will never regret having walked in the beauty of God’s design for you. I am not “making laws” here, but to walk in the beauty of God’s heartbeat for His children means that homes rise up and become strong beacons of light, units of togetherness that witness to a world darkened by sin that JESUS LIVES there, and that there is hope for them, too. These homes (strong families being very much God’s heartbeat for His people) can then unite with other family units and servants of God who are also walking in His beauty, spreading the good news of salvation in the communities in which they live, thus “going into all the world and teaching all nations …”
Will you rise to the challenge? Will you in your generation build up the walls that are broken down, testimonies that are clouded by worldly ambition and selfish desires? Will you stand up and be different? Will you take up the call of God for your life as a daughter and help to keep the home where He has placed you?
God bless you, daughters. May you grow up in Him, walking in His footsteps each day. Tomorrow you will be the mothers, grandmothers, perhaps a Dorcas, or maybe even a widow, in God’s work. I bid you today, be daughters of honor, preparing for tomorrow, as God tarries.
In His service, and because He lives,
Marcia Zimmerman

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Key to Obedience is Blessings

Here is another video of Denny K.'s related to raising/disciplining children. He brings out the importance of pouring out blessings upon the children/building a loving relationship is essential before the rod of correction can serve it's purpose. Please take time to listen; he brings forth a good point about the heavenly Father's relationship with us. You can watch the whole Godly Home Series on YouTube--but I will continue to post some here one by one.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Godly Home Series l Denny Kenaston (playlist)

Here is a video about Raising Godly Children by Denny Kenaston. I hope to be posting more videos by Denny K. on this subject. It was recently told to me that there are some who have had questions about the right ways of disciplining children. Denny K. has had years of experience with his own children, & gained much from it.  He shares the wisdom he's gained in these videos as well as his book that I have copied a review from (see below). For those who are not familiar with Denny K. he recently passed on from this life. Praise the Lord for his zeal & dedication to leave behind these helpful resources. Denny K. was very enthusiastic in delivering his messages; i hope it will not be a hindrance to any from hearing his message. He has also put together a book (for those who prefer to read).
 If anyone knows of other helpful Bible based resources for child raising please fill me in.--P.F.
Book Review (Copied from The Heartbeat of the Remnant)

The Pursuit of Godly Seed

by Denny Kenaston
Reviewed by Dean Taylor
Denny KenastonIt has been over fifteen years since Denny Kenaston first preached the series of messages known as “The Godly Home.” Since then, tens of thousands of copies of this message have been sent out across the country and around the world. Through the years, countless testimonies of changed lives and new beginnings have flooded the tape ministry, giving glory to God. These testimonies bear record that God is still fulfilling the promise that was given in the very last words of the Old Testament: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” (Mal 4:6)
More than just a seminar on child training and home life, these messages have awakened homes to many of the inroads of worldliness and compromise that plague the church today. They also have helped countless families bring back into balance the biblical family patterns set forth by the Word of God. Once godly priorities have been established, reports of personal revival, renewed interest in evangelism and hearts turned toward missions have flown naturally. As many of these awakened fathers and mothers have sought to bring their homes under biblical subjection, many have grown hungry for more practical advice and answers to numerous questions.
Through the years, this cry for help has continued to grow. Feeling a burden to respond to the growing need, Brother Denny has found himself traveling extensively, speaking at seminars, Bible schools, revivals and one-on-one with numerous seeking families. Feeling stretched to answer the many questions and to give the necessary practical applications, Brother Denny searched and prayed for ways to multiply himself to meet this ever growing need. It was from this burden that the book, The Pursuit of Godly Seed, was written.
It is ‘radical’. You may never be the same. It is ‘inspirational’. Your heart will flame with renewed vision. It is ‘practical’. You will be guided in how to make it all happen.
In addition to a thorough review of the material covered by the tapes, this comprehensive 424-page manual goes into many helpful details and illustrations that were not possible to address during the seminars. As the back cover states: “The Pursuit of Godly Seed is an inspiring manual filled with old-fashioned Bible principles of child training and home life ‘that work.’ This book contains a wealth of instruction for your home. It is an A to Z child training manual with clear answers for many a puzzled parent. It is ‘radical’. You may never be the same. It is ‘inspirational’. Your heart will flame with renewed vision. It is ‘practical’. You will be guided in how to make it all happen. Brother Denny says, ‘Children who grow up in an atmosphere of revival, with parents who love the Lord extravagantly and obey His word joyfully, will be a mighty influence upon this earth. This is a promise. Generations of godly children come from this kind of home.’ With a clear prophetic voice, Brother Denny calls the reader back to the old paths that work.” In some ways this book is like having several personal counseling sessions with Brother Denny, explaining many details of home life and child training.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Law of Kindness

This is a picture of a "Prayer Plant". The leaves fold up at night, as hands may fold together to pray. With the rising of the sun they open up (as you see) & display the beautiful flower it has produced. We too should allow the Son of Righteousness to direct our moves & especially the opening of our mouths. That the fruit of our lips may give praise to His name as this flower does. The following is a study I found in a Thrift Store some years ago put together by a woman for women. I do not know the authors name. She made some good points that I thought were worth sharing.
“She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.” (Proverbs 31:26)

Hasn't it all been said, and written, and read about that evil little monster, the tongue? It is a fire, a world of iniquity, and defiles the whole body; it sets on fire the coarse of nature, is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison, and no man can tame it. These are some of the things James says about the tongue (James 3:5-8). A Proverbs study of the capacities our tongues have for good and evil teaches us that our concern with its use is two-fold: using it wrongly and using it rightly. The godly woman of Proverbs is our model for the right use of the tongue, for her tongue is ruled by kindness.

Sins of the Tongue
One of the greatest temptations to the misuse of the tongue among women is what we call gossip, and we need not try to call it anything else. To gossip is to discuss the affairs of others, concentrating on their faults and weaknesses and their consequences. It is an unwritten rule of the gossip game that we do not discuss any faults of others that we ourselves also have, if we do have any. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” says Proverbs 18:21, and in 11:9 we read that “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor.” Gossip has destroyed reputations, the emotional, mental and even the physical health of its victims. Many have committed suicide in a state of mental and physical deterioration indirectly caused by unkind tongues.

Gossip is a habit (1). We should beware of “Christian” gossip, or sharing information about another under the guise of asking for prayer. This is despicable, but it does happen. Very rarely need we reveal personal and private information about another, and never if it has been told us in confidence. Sometimes we may not be specifically told that certain information is confidential, but we should be discerning enough to understand that it should not be repeated. If, when we share information with another, we have to ask that it not be repeated, we'd best not tell it at all, but re-double our praying about it.

Often we hear someone say (perhaps we say it ourselves), “Now I just love Sally to pieces, but ...” then we know Sally is about to be cut to pieces. If we are going to say something unkind about someone at least let's not be a hypocrite. Sometimes we don't really love Sally at all, and we are hiding hatred with lying lips (Proverbs 10:18). To be a little more kind to ourselves usually what we are really saying is, “Sally is a dear person, but she has many faults. However, I'm so charitable that I love her anyway.” The next time we have an impulse to say, “I-just-love-her-but...” about someone, what if we change “but” to “because”, tell why we love her and let it go at that? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we spoke about the living persons the way we do about the ones who have just died – nothing but praise and kindness!

Picture a law at the gate of your mouth which says, “No unkind word shall pass these portals,” for that is what is meant by, “In her tongue is the law of kindness.” A law is something that must be obeyed. If it is broken, there are consequences – broken spirits (Proverbs 18:14), broken hearts (Proverbs 18:8), broken relationships (Proverbs 16:28; 17:9), and miserable feelings of guilt in the offender. If we truly fear God we need have no shame as we talk with one another, knowing that He hears, for our speech will be gracious and kind and loving (Malachi 3:16).

“I am purposed that my mouth shall not transgress,” says the Psalmist (Psalm 17:3). We have discussed ways that our mouth can transgress by speaking unkindly. Is it a transgression to fail to speak a cheerful word to a discouraged person? Our failure to do so is usually a result of lack of thoughtfulness, or laziness, or no real interest in the welfare of others. And this lack is a result of what? It is painful to admit, but a preoccupation with our own needs and desires, which keep us from noticing the needs of others.

Recently I had occasion to commend someone for a beautifully executed task, and I shall never forget her response. “My dear,” she said with tears in her voice, “I needed that encouragement.” With a convicted heart I thought of many scripture passages that instruct us to lift up one another with kind words, and of how seldom I think to do it. “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones.” (Proverbs 16:24)

“Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop, but a good word maketh it glad” (Proverbs 12:25). “The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary … He wakeneth my ear to hear as the learned.” (Isaiah 50:4). If we would have the tongue of the learned we must learn something about those to whom we would minister. We must have our ears wakened. In other words, we need to talk less and listen more.

The natural companion of a kind tongue is a kind ear, and a person of true charm is first of all an expert listener. There is a vast difference between listening and simply keeping silent. A listener records, analyzes and devises intelligent and interesting ways to respond to what he hears. To be a good listener one must have a genuine interest in others. A godly women knows how to listen lovingly, patiently and attentively, and her response will be thoughtful and concerned, demonstrating genuine interest. “The heart of the righteous studieth to answer” (Proverbs 15:28). Many of us only study to say whatever we can about what interests us most, and we listen by maintaining a polite silence until we can get the floor again to continue our me-myself-and-I monologue. Usually we are sadly unaware of the one way nature of our communications.

It is important to distinguish between sincere praise and flattery, the determining difference being in the motive behind each. Flattery has a self-seeking goal which is to ultimately work for the good of the one employing it, sometimes to the detriment of its object. Flattering praise is usually insincere and frequently exaggerated to the point of inaccuracy. The purpose of a true compliment is to strengthen and encourage the one complimented. There is such a clean feeling in knowing that our praise of another flows from a sincere heart's desire for that persons good, and that our compliments are true and honest without a tinge of flattery.

We should remember when we are tempted to flatter someone that there is usually an ulterior motive lurking somewhere. It may be that we only want the other person's approval of ourselves, but this is seeking to meet our own needs, not the other person's. We should guard against trapping others or ourselves with flattery (Proverbs 29:5). And we should be warned about those who entice and flatter us, and who tell us tales about others. They will amuse others with tales about us (Proverbs 20:19).

Remedies for the Tongue
If we desire to have our tongues obey the law of kindness, God's word has several suggestions as to how we might do this. We should begin by asking God daily to prepare our hearts so that the answers or responses of our tongue would honor His name and do good to those we encounter through the day (Proverbs 16:1). . .

Enthusiasm is such good medicine for the soul! Nothing is more enhancing to self-esteem than a hearty endorsement of one's ideas. A friend of my mother-in-law said on the day of her funeral, “One thing I shall always remember about Dorthy is the enthusiastic way she responded to ideas. Her characteristic response was, 'Yes, let's'” A congenial companion to enthusiasm is unqualified praise. A compliment with no “if's”, “and's” or “but's” is a rare jewel, and we should practice bestowing them more often.

A Spirit sensitive to the needs or particular circumstances of others is so important. In other words don't sing merry songs to a person with a breaking heart (Proverbs 25:20). And albeit very commendable to count one's blessings, we should never do it in the company of a person who is obviously undergoing great trial or testing.

It is not easy to accept criticism or advice, but a true friend is willing to hurt us, if in the end we will be helped. It is only his faithfulness as a friend that causes him to inflict these necessary wounds (Proverbs 28:23). Each of us has the possibility of two applications here. If we sense a necessity to administer such wounds we must be sure that God has directed it and our motives are pure. We must pray for a meek spirit, using Galatians 6:1 as our guide and authority. Or if a friend sees needs in our lives and attempts to help us by first having to hurt us, we shall have to ask for special grace and humility from God, for a teachable spirit, and for objectivity sufficient to see our faults. These situations are often victory grounds for Satan.

The Royal Law
Up to here we have only dealt with the superficial meaning of our text. Have you ever heard of The Royal Law of LOVE? Read James 2:8. The basic truth of this lesson is that the law of kindness cannot be present in the tongue unless the law of love exists in the heart. “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good … for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh” (Luke 6;45). Whatever is in our heart will determine what will come out of our mouth.

Love is the watershed of life – everything falls on one side of it or the other. Either a person possesses love – the capacity to love – or he doesn't. And he either has the world's flimsy facsimile, or he has the shining pure gold of God's love, working for, and in, and through him. We are speaking here of Divine love, as it has redeemed the souls of those who will receive it, and as it flows freely through them, warming and blessing the lives of those around the redeemed ones.

God's Love
Love is too deep and broad and complex a subject to try to confine to a few pages or brief minutes of study. But we should recognize that love is the essence of God, and that it is his will that it should be manifested in the lives of his children. The common denominator of all expressions of love is sacrifice,. The prototype of this is God's gracious expression of love for us in the sacrificial death of Christ. Every manifestation of real love involves giving, or the giving up of something. Loving others doesn't merely mean to put up with them, to refrain from criticizing them, or doing them any harm. “She will do him good, and not evil” teaches us that we must attempt to do those things that would be good for and helpful and pleasing to those we love. Often this means giving up something, or some of ourselves – of our energy, our time, or material resources.

Love's Loved Ones
Sometimes we think that in the area of love our greatest difficulty is in loving the unlovely, or those people we don't particularly even like. This is a problem. But many of us don't love those nearest and dearest to us as we should. This lack shows itself in two ways. First, we don't truly love them deeply and unselfishly and with hearts full of gratitude to God for them. Second, we tend to take for granted the quality and quantity of the love we do have, and assume that they do also, so we rarely express it. What should we do about this? If we recognize that this is true in our lives, we should confess it to God. Next, we can begin to ask Him daily to strengthen and increase our love for our husbands, children, parents, and others close to us, thanking Him for them. And then we can ask Him to help us discover fresh, creative ways to show our love.

Love must be learned. It is easy to love some people – they are so winsome and gracious that we can't help loving them (3). But in the case of others, it is a strain. We recognize the need for an exercise of grace, and exercise is a good word, for it is something like work. If you believe there is a lack of real love for others in your life, why not try this:
1. Recognize that love is not an emotion; it is an act of will.
2. Recognize that love is not optional for the Christian. Christ commanded it. Read John 15:12, Matthew 22:39 and Matthew 5:44 and list three categories of people we are required to love. Now list any categories this leaves out. (clue: there are none.)
3. Pray, specifically and generally, for love, God's love, to pour through you to others. Name those whom you do not love, confess this as sin, and ask God to enable you to love them, to see and appreciate their good qualities; to be blind to their faults. Name those whom you do love. Ask God to enable you to love them more; to find new and creative ways to express this love. (Note: there are very few wives who love and appreciate their husbands as they should.) Expect God to answer this prayer because he commanded it therefore you know it is his will. He has promised to supply those things we ask in his will (1 John 5:14-15).
4. Act. Do loving, thoughtful things for others. Express appreciation and admiration for them. Tell them you love them. You will be surprised to discover within yourself a little floweret of love where you thought none could grow.

No man can tame the tongue. But the Holy Spirit of God can, and only he can. Every believer has the Holy Spirit dwelling within him (4), and the fruit of the spirit is love. But this love must be nurtured and cultivated and allowed to grow into something strong and useful and beautiful, as we surrender ourselves day by day, moment by moment, to the control of the Holy Spirit.

Read Proverbs 10:11-21, 31, 32. What do these passages have to say about the mouth, lips, and tongue of the righteous, just or wise man? What do they say about the mouth or lips of the foolish man?

  A Sister's thoughts
(1) Not only is gossip a habit, it is a sin.
(2) Yes, we should pray for a spirit of acceptance, but only so far as what another is doing is not clearly against the word of God. We must never accept what is clearly not pleasing to the Lord. If we know another is doing something that is obviously not pleasing to the Lord, then our prayer for them should not be one of acceptance; rather, our prayers should be that somehow their eyes would be opened. Maybe we have a physical part in that … or maybe our part is to 'just' pray. We should also pray for discernment and wisdom.
(3) I agree it is easier to love someone that is 'winsome and gracious', however I also think it is easy (if not even easier) to love someone we 'click' with &/or someone that is a godly person. It seems that with some, spirits connect instantly, while with others, it takes more work. We must be careful to be sure and reach out to those we do not instantly connect with. I guarantee you and the other soul will be blessed.
(4) Every true believer has the Holy Spirit dwelling within him. The scriptures are clear that only those who OBEY have the Spirit. (Acts 5:32)