Friday, April 19, 2013

The Key to Obedience is Blessings

Here is another video of Denny K.'s related to raising/disciplining children. He brings out the importance of pouring out blessings upon the children/building a loving relationship is essential before the rod of correction can serve it's purpose. Please take time to listen; he brings forth a good point about the heavenly Father's relationship with us. You can watch the whole Godly Home Series on YouTube--but I will continue to post some here one by one.


  1. HI there, I stumbled upon your blog from facebook and have just watched this link you put up - thank you! It brought tears to my eyes to see this wise man talk. How I wish all new daddies to be could see this and learn from it. I also cried a bit when I realised my children might not necessarily have benefitted from what this wise man suggests to do with them as babies and youngsters from their Daddy. Hopefully I was able to fill that gap somewhat. God bless you, Helena

  2. Thank you Helena for sharing your heart; it is always encouraging to know when my posts are touching people's heart. Feel free to email me ( any time if you want to further connect. Denny Kenaston (the man in the video) died in 2012 from cancer I believe. He was able to share much good in his life. Praise God. God bless you & your family.